outdoor living

ghent 2010

JUMA architects were commissioned to add a covered outdoor area to an existing home. One existing volume was first removed to make room for a canopy that forms part of a much larger outdoor concept. Through the reduction of the number of supporting points, the canopy acquires a floating quality, creating an open corner that provides panoramic views of the surrounding lush greenery.? The long garden wall makes the existing house look bigger, partly because it is built with the same material as the house. 

The integrated heaters and wood fireplace create a pleasant, year-round, feeling of comfort. The canopy also provides enough space for a covered BBQ and was designed around the dimensions of the BBQ-set the client had already purchased.
The pool, apart from the actual concrete shell, was also completely renovated. The covered terrace and the pool located at a higher level are connected by a diagonal path, in intervention that creates a dynamic feel. The flooring was replaced as well. The choice of materials included classic clay pavers and tiles in bluestone, creating harmony between the classical existing house and the sleek design of the covered terrace.


Pictures © Verne