project jf

waasmunster 2013

The biggest challenge in the design of this new semi-detached house was to create enough privacy and space.

The particular plot has an unusual triangular shape, placing the garden on the street side. To create privacy, JUMA has designed a garden wall as an extension of the façade, which runs along the façade alignment. As such, this wall provides the necessary privacy and visually flows into the garden shed. The house and the garden shed form one architectural whole in that they both share the same design language and are constructed of the same material. This makes the house look more spacious than it actually is; an added bonus.


The zone intended to be used as a garage space now accommodates an extra living space in which the living room and office are situated.
The storage room and stairwell run along the common wall, in this way minimizing possible noise nuisance.
Since the flat roof does not allow for an attic space, the architects opted to create a basement under almost all of the building.

The light grey brickwork in random bond acts as a counterweight to the clean lines of the building’s architecture.